Scooter Rental Extra Heavy-Duty

Do you weigh between 400 to 500lbs or simply want the largest scooter rental for the largest battery size to get around in Los Angeles, California? This is it then - the extra heavy-duty scooter handles up to 500lbs and has the largest capacity batteries to handle the weight or get you the longest possible distance you can go in an electric mobility scooter or cart. It costs a little bit more money but many customers have said that the larger batteries made them be able to scoot all over LA in style and comfort without having to worry about running out of juice. Rent a Extra HD scooter today.
Pride Maxima


 ♦ Max. Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
 ♦ Max. Speed: 5.25 mph. 
 ♦ Ground Clearance: 3.25"
 ♦ Overall Length: 46"
 ♦ Overall With: 25.5"
 ♦ Anti-tips: Rear
 ♦ Battery Range: Between 8-15 miles
 ♦ Weight: 186 lbs

For rentals over 7 days please call for a quote.